Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Seminars

A-340  Earth & Marine Sciences Building
Fridays, 10:40 a.m. - 11:45 p.m. (unless otherwise noted*)

Seminar Coordinator: Matt McCarthy  mdmccar@ucsc.edu 

For disability-related accommodations: call (831) 459-4730 or email crockafe@ucsc.edu


    October 5

  • Welcome Party for Ocean Sciences

  • October 12

  • Maya Remi, Postdoc UCSC

    Big Answers in little places: What can fossil fish debris tell us about a warming climate?

  • October 19

  • Ocean Sciences Graduate Students

    Two talks from 2 OS senior graduate students.  Titles TBA.

  • October 26

  • John Ryan, MBARI

    Eavesdropping on the deep: Passive acoustic sensing in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

  • November 2

  • Tom Guilderson, Adjunct Professor UCSC


  • November 9

  • Greg Rau, IMS

    Can the Ocean Help Save the Planet?: The Ocean’s Potential Role in Reducing Anthropogenic CO2  

    Abstract: The IPCC et al have shown that atmospheric CO2 levels must be stabilized if not lowered to avert significant climate and ocean chemistry impacts.  A drastic reduction in global CO2 emissions is required to achieve this goal, though the ongoing delay in sufficient emissions reduction now requires serious consideration of post-emissions removal of CO2 from air.  This talk will explore ways that ocean-based methods could contribute to these tasks, and will discuss the pros, cons and uncertainties of their use.

  • November 16

  • Ne Seminar


  • November 23

  • No Seminar

    Thanksgiving Break

  • November 30

  • Ronald Benner, USC

    The Cycling of Terrigenous Dissolved Organic Matter in Ocean Margins


     Rivers transport large quantities (0.25 Pg C/year) of terrigenous DOM to ocean margins, and the transformations and fates of this material play an important role in the carbon cycle at this dynamic interface between terrestrial and marine environments.  This presentation will highlight research during the past decade that provides novel insights about the roles of photochemical and biological removal processes in subtropical to polar regions.

  • December 7

  • Maxime Grand, MLML

    Beyond GEOTRACES: From basin-scale micronutrient metal surveys to in situ microfluidic sensing

    This talk will explore the biogeochemistry of dissolved and particulate Fe and Al in the Indian Ocean prior to discussing the development and application of emerging analytical technologies for autonomous observations of trace metals and major nutrients (phosphate) using microfluidics.