Information for Seminar Speakers

Ocean Sciences Seminars are scheduled from 10:40 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on Fridays in Room A-340 in the Earth and Marine Sciences Building. The Ocean Sciences Department office is located in A-312 on the same floor. Day and time are occasionally subject to change, so please be sure to check the Seminar webpage for details.

Most seminar speakers make prior arrangements with the Seminar Coordinator or designee to obtain a parking permit for the day. When parking on campus, do not park in "pay station", handicapped, carpool, or other specially designated spaces. Please be sure to scratch off the correct month, day, and year and place the permit on your dashboard with the information facing outward. If no previous arrangements have been made, you should purchase a permit at the kiosk at the East univeristy entrance or at the campus parking office. Parking regulations are strictly enforced and parking tickets are the responsiblity of the individual. Please keep your original receipts and submit them to the Ocean Sciences Department office, so we may process your reimbursement. 


The department has an LCD computer projector, as well as Mac and PC laptops. We also have overhead and slide projectors. Please let us know what you may need. We can assist with the equipment set up in the seminar room by 10:30 a.m. so that you can do a test-run before the seminar.

Reimbursement Information

  1. A Post Travel Form must be completed and signed by seminar speakers within 21 days of the last day of travel. This form is a summary of all expenses incurred while on travel status. Original itemized receipts must accompany the Post Travel Expense form. You can get the form and help in filling out the form here. To get the form you must right click on the form link and "save as" to your desk top, you will then be able to open it directly from your desk top.

  2. If this is the first time you will be receiving a UCSC non-payroll payment (i.e., you are not a University of California employee), you must complete a Payee Setup Form, aka "204" to be entered into UCSC's Accounts Payable system for reimbursement. You can get the form and instructions here.  To get the form you must right click on the form link and "save as" to your desk top, you will then be able to open it directly from your desk top.

  3. If you are not a U.S. citizen, but are currently working in the U.S., you must have either a J or H visa to be reimbursed for travel expenses. For non-resident aliens, reimbursements must be supported by the proper Visa type. Visitors from Canada or Mexico entering without a visa must provide a copy of a picture identification and complete a Certification of Academic Activity.

Should you have questions or need assistance to complete your travel reimbursement forms, please contact the Ocean Sciences Department office at 831-459-4730. Thanks very much for being part of our program.

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